Manuscript Evaluation

The evaluation steps for the manuscript you uploaded to our journal are as follows ;

1- The Peer Review Step

  - The layout format of the manuscript is examined and the originality of the study is checked by the Turnitin program.

  - The language is checked.

  - After the peer review of the manuscript, the correction/s ( if there is) should be examined and updated by the corresponding author in one month. Otherwise, the manuscript is considered as a withdrawal.

2- Manuscript Evaluation Process

Cumhuriyet Science Journal operates a single-blind peer-review processin which the reviewers know the identity of the authors, but the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers. The manuscript Evaluation steps are as follows;

    - Section Editor is assigned by the Editor in Chief

    - The relevant reviewers are assigned by the Section Editor

    - For the manuscript, the result of the reviewer's evaluation can be as a rejected/revision/accepted article.

    - If negative feedback is given by a major number of the reviewers the process is terminated and the article is rejected.

    - If major/minor revisions are required for the manuscript, the author is to do this revision according to the reviewer's comments in one month.

    - If the revision is accepted by the reviewers, the article is accepted and passed to the editing section.

3- The Editing and Pagination Process

The author is required to correct any editing overlooked during the article editing process and 15 days are allowed for the process. If an author fails to edit and send his/her article in one month, the author is considered to withdraw the article. The author can withdraw the article at any stage.

4. The process ends.

         ** The referee evaluation period is conducted under the supervision of our editors and carried out with reference programs in maximum duration.

         ** An e-mail is sent to you to inform you of sending a copyright form depending on the issue that your article will be published.


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